Mentorship Programme

The U.W.I. Mentorship Programme is jointly hosted by the U.W.I. Alumni Association (Trinidad & Tobago Chapter) and The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus. The programme was established to enable students (fondly referred to as “Mentees”), to develop leadership and management skills, and to explore career opportunities under the guidance of their Mentor. Through this program students are given the opportunity to work with an assigned mentor in their field of study. The overall objective is to present the “Mentee” with a realistic view of, and smooth transition into the working environment whilst also developing a sense of social and community responsibility.

The following are some ways in which a Mentor can aid their Mentee’s progress:-
  • Counsel the Mentee about professional development with emphasis on your own background and experiences.
  • Arrange for the Mentee to tour your company and attend staff/executive meetings.
  • Invite your Mentee to company-sponsored social events.
  • Arrange for your Mentee to attend Orientation Sessions for New Employees.
  • Provide opportunities for your Mentee to meet Managers, Directors etc related to their interests.
  • Encourage your Mentee to participate in a community service or volunteer activity in which you are involved.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and each Mentor-Mentee pair is free to explore other avenues to the Mentee’s benefit. Students leave this program with experience, confidence and professional guidance, and it is a very flexible programme however, a total number of eight (8) contact hours per month must be met. Each Mentee will be encouraged to take the initiative for scheduling and confirming appointments with the Mentor; to be punctual and appropriately dressed at all times; to collect information on the Mentor’s leadership style and professional development processes; and to assist with appropriate projects and tasks as assigned by the Mentor.

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