Front Row L-R: Ms. Ivalyn Baptiste, Dr. Vishi Beharry, Ms. Lana Spencer, Mr. James Richardson,
                        Ms. Helen P. Joseph, Mr. Peter Poon Chong, Dr. Irvinelle Moore, Mr. John Victor
Back Row L-R: Ms. Arlene Hamblin, Mr. Frank Cowie, Mr. Shane Ballah, Mr. Jerry Medford,
                     Mr. Cheridan Woodruffe, Mr. Mark Regis

Absent: Ms. Marrissa Richards, Ms. Lisa Feveck, Mr. Jason Rameshwar, Mr. Julien Skeete, Ms. Danelle DeCoteau

Persons are elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Association at the Annual General Meeting. From within its ranks persons are further elected to serve in the following positions (excluding Faculty Representatives) at the first meeting of the new Executive.

President Assistant Secretary
Vice President 1st Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Vice President 2nd Public Relations Officer
Secretary Committee Members (x5)
Treasurer Faculty Representatives (x7)

Executive 2017-2018

President Mr. Jerry Medford
1st Vice President Mr. Cheridan Woodruffe
2nd Vice President Ms. Arlene Hamblin
Treasurer Mr. Peter Poon Chong
Secretary Ms. Lana Spencer
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Vishi Beharry
Asst. Secretary Mr. James Richardson
Public Relations Officer Mr. John Victor
Committee Member Ms. Lisa Feveck
Committee Member Mr. Jason Rameshwar 
Committee Member Ms. Helen P. Joseph
Committee Member Mr. Mark Regis
Committee Member Mr. Shane Ballah

Engineering VACANT
Food and Agriculture VACANT
Humanities and Education Ms. Marrissa Richards
Medical Sciences Dr. Irvinelle Moore
Social Sciences Mr. John Victor
Science and Technology Mr. Frank Cowie
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  • Executive 2017/2018

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